My Inner World Essay

What I feel is that the inner world is the world that a person thinks from the deepest part of his mind. The deep thinking in the mind is always a source of positive energy that he needs to harness and put into practice. Implementing this in the real life can bring an extreme charismatic aura in personal as well as professional life.

This world is full of people residing in different countries with different opinions, goals, thought processes, and most importantly with different inner worlds. Some follow the positive energies being transmitted out by the feelings of their inner worlds and some fail to achieve that. But in my opinion catching that signal is very important. Only once we are young, once we become man and only once we get old. The rewind and the pause button is missing. With such scarcity of chances and options, the focus should be on that positive signal which is transmitted directly by the inner world.

My inner world is all about being a businessman. Every time I sit quiet and peep into my inner world, I see my photo on the front page of top business magazines. Since a long time I am getting inclined towards the technicalities and know-how of business. This is what my inner world is all about. When I get to read or learn about any successful businessman, I get excited and start getting the feelings of swapping him with me. I feel that business is in every part of life. The human is made of this. Even in relations if you do not get back the love you have given to your beloved, it starts stumbling and is a major loss. On the contrary, the happiness and joy is immense. From a small peasant to a big king everybody has that inclination towards profit. My inner world speaks to me; I listen and speak further through the actions taken on the voice I have heard.

I want people to wear clothes designed by me through they can speak too. ‘The customized t-shirts for every class of people’, that’s what my inner world is all about. It has enormous designs representing people from different casts and backgrounds expressing their inner worlds through their t-shirts.

This is my inner world and I follow it.

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