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Sample Admission Essay on Reading a Book

Consider the books you have read in the last year or two either for school or for leisure. Please discuss the way in which one of them changed your understanding of the world, other people, or yourself

“Computer Networks- A top down approach” by James F. Kurose and Keith W. Ross is the most inspirational book that I have read in past two or three years. I am a student of telecommunication engineering. Our teacher suggested this book to us. I started reading it at the beginning of my sixth semester. I was very inspired by the preface of the book, as the authors have very deeply described today’s technology and the effect of internet on our daily life. I said to myself, “This is the book I have been looking for a long time”. I always had an interest in learning how internet works and how we are able to access everything around the world with a single click of a mouse button.

I read its first chapter on the day I bought this book. It was about history of internet, its origin and its development stages. The way authors described each detail was surprising and really pleasing me, as I was totally new to learning the technology behind internet. I kept on reading the book for about a month. It totally changed my thinking about internet. Before this book, I only entered website’s URL into the address bar of my web browser. But now I visualize the whole process going on behind my web browser and how each packet of my data flows through the vast network of links and connections around the world. The author has discussed new technologies in a very detail like the person-to-person sharing software which lets us download heavy files at fast rate. They have also discussed network security in detail. The topics regarding different types of attacks that are being directed towards different servers and their mitigation techniques really fascinated me.

Before this book I didn’t know much about the technologies deployed around the world, but this book has totally changed my thinking and vision. I was so inspired by the field of computer networks that I decided to get certified by a corporation which is the largest vendor of computer networking equipments. I have decided that I will either do my Masters in computer networking or I will start studying this subject in a university. I would like others to benefit from my knowledge that I gained from this book. I would like to suggest this magnificent piece of work to everyone especially the ones in the field of engineering and information technology. This book will change your life and you will feel joyous to know how computer networks operate and are maintained.

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