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Tell about a particular situation that made you frustrated

Frustrations are a part of our life.

There comes many phases in our lives that jangle our nerves. It’s not only a problem among elders. Everyone men, women, young, old or child gets frustrated at certain moments in life. All of us are not gifted with a strong will power to handle a situation or bear a hurting moment with a big heart. Frustration can be explained in such a way that it’s a condition in which a person losses control over his mental relief.

Now I will tell you what was the most hurting and awful moment of my life that made me frustrated. Sam was my best friend. He lived next to my home. Our school timings, van, study schedule and all other interests were the same. He was a sincere and trustable fellow. Nothing in our lives stayed hidden among us. We spend our ten years together and our friendship grew stronger and stronger.

One day Sam and me went to the market. We used to buy grocery together. I was about to cross the road when a fast van approached me so cruelly. I was unable to entirely understand what was happening to me? I just closed my eyes and screamed horrifyingly. I felt as someone pushed me backwards. Suddenly I heard the screech of breaks. I was too afraid to open my eyes. But when I opened my eyes I can’t explain what I saw.

Sam was on the road and a fountain of blood flowing out of his head. For a moment I was numb. He was in front of me but I was so stunned that I didn’t step towards him. I saw some people tried to pick him up and settle in a car. I realized at that time that he needed a doctor. I sat in that car and we went to the hospital. I was looking at him continually. He was in pain. I hold his hand firmly. I don’t want to let him happen anything.

But we were late. All of his blood flowed out of his body. Doctors tried their best but he did not recover. He died in front of me. My friend who saved my life and offered his soul. I was so upset. I had never thought that my beloved friend can’t bear my pain but he couldn’t understand that I can’t see him in pain too. It was his sacrifice that made me alone, silent and frustrated.

It took years to heal; frustration was at peak during that time. I still cross that road to buy grocery alone but I always feel that no vehicle will hit me. My friend is with me, he will save me again because I know he can’t bear my pain.

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