Tell us about a conversation you've had that changed your perspective or was otherwise meaningful to you.

I had many conversations with my friends, family members and colleagues but the conversation which influenced me most was with my junior school teacher. I met her at a book shop. She was finding her favorite author’s novel. She was a bit changed but still gorgeous as always. I recognized her at my very first sight.

She welcomed me with her kind smile. I greeted her and took books from her hand to help her. We went to the counter, she paid the bill and we went towards a coffee counter close to the book shop. Ma’am asked about my parents and my activities. I told her that I had recently started my higher school. She was very happy to hear that.

She noticed that I seem worried but trying to hide from her. She asked about my dull mood and dissatisfaction in my eyes. I looked at her, she was still so kind with a deep gentle smile on her face. She was still able to read her students’ mind. I was very surprised about her question because I thought that I can hide my feelings successfully.

She looked into my amazed eyes and smiled. She said that I am still a junior school student to her. She could read worries and threats in my eyes. I smiled and told her about the study difficulties making me restless. I was new to the high school that’s why I was unable to give good results. I had a good academic record with many appreciation awards. This situation was quite disturbing for me.

She put her hand on my shoulder and said “Son it will be settled soon. You just need to focus on your studies and try to grasp the methods and new techniques to understand your new syllabus. Study patterns get changed with higher study levels. You need to adopt the required skills to overcome the weaknesses.

Life has a pattern which changes everything time to time. Everyone has to go through this stage. But the only thing you can hold on this way is hope and courage to face all the hurdles confidently. Apply this not only for your studies, but  in your life as well. There will be times when you will be hopeless but if you will continue your journey with courage and determination then you will be succeeded.”

In the evening, coming back home I was highly encouraged to handle my problems. She enlightened my mind with positivity, courage, faith and determination. I admit that I never had such an impressive and meaningful meeting with anyone in my life yet.

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