Tell us the question you think a selective college should ask. Why?

A college should ask questions which can be used as an instrument to judge the abilities of the student.  Questions which are merely based on judging the weaknesses, strengths, behaviors, frustration level and the best qualities will only describe a single attribute of the personality of the student. These type of questions are very common and almost every second college asks them. A selective college should be asking an altogether different question which covers every single quality of the student.

Being a student, I think that the question which a selective college should ask is that what can you do better for our college, which you think that no other student can do?

This question summarizes the whole personality and life of the student. By answering this question, student has the opportunity to explain his/her achievements and skills. There is a canvas and student has to paint on it so that his/her admission request is fulfilled.

This question gives student the option to freely explain his/her overall thoughts and ideas other than education and qualification. Student can quote his/her previous activities which were outstanding and extraordinary as compared to other student fellows.

This question can be answered in many different ways. Every individual student can answer it according to his/her own caliber. On the other hand, this question also makes it easier for the college to clearly judge the abilities of the student. Student who had done something good for previous institution can only explain his/her views and ideas. Those who had done nothing previously will have no definite answer for this question.

It is an unlimited question. Every single skill can be elaborated in the answer. Like, I am a good debater. I will have the option to fully explain my achievements and awards which I have taken so far. I can realize the college that I can participate in debate contests impressively. And my victory will be the victory of my college. I will be known by my college and my college will become more famous with my debates.

Similarly, a student can explain as many things as he/she has. A student good in sports can explain his achievements. A student good in studies and gold medalist can quote his/her study contributions. Those having good writing skills, having creativity, are good at art work, having good leadership abilities or those having good management skills, can thoroughly explain their ideas and thoughts with all their past expertise.

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