A sample Essay About Inmate Objects That Could Talk (Room, Computer and Car)


What if the computer would not have been there in the living rooms? What if we had to travel long distances walking or by using animals? What if our car starts speaking?  I am sure all three of them would have a lot of stuff to share with us. These thoughts flooded my mind on one evening when I was writing a college admission essay for my younger sister over some topic.

My room would be having a lot of complaints against me because I never liked to clean my room in my whole life. I can feel that my room would always have wanted to kill me by squeezing by moving its walls closer to me during my deep sleep in the night. It would consider me as a self centered and careless man because I often leave the windows of the room open through which small insects from outside occupy their favorite places inside the room. The only my room would have to like me is that I have decorated its single colored walls with flashy and tacky bike posters.

On one side of the room I have kept my computer which stands over a wooden table. Contrary to my room, the computer system would be having proud feelings because I use it to run my part time business of application essay writing service. I earn a part of my pocket money by means of my computer. The computer would tell me, “I like you as my owner because you show care for me and clean me up daily. I like when you regularly scan my internal parts for viruses. But all this happiness turns into misery when you overlook my presence after your girlfriend calls you. At that time I feel as a piece of garbage and my throat gets dry due to nonstop singing for the whole day when you leave my music player running and go out to meet her.”

Out of the three things that were the part of my evening thought, my car would be the most satisfied one. It would be expressing its happiness every time I roll it down on the highways at high speeds. It would say,” the reason for my fitness and proper functioning is my master only. He never lets me lose my grace even by a small scratch on my glowing red skin. His friends admire me of my comfort and smoothness every time they ride me. He is the best master.”

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