What do you think people who know you would be surprised to learn about you?

Every single person living on this Earth exhibits a different personality.

Thoughts and perception diverge personality to personality. Like a post-card having a brighter side and the other stays dark, same is the case with people; one aspect of every individual’s personality is hidden in darkness. It’s up to the person what he/she wants to hide and which dimension of his/her personality to be lighted.

I think I am a self centered person.  I do not express my all feelings to anyone. It does not mean that I don’t want to show my feeling, its just natural not to elaborate my feelings entirely. I just give enough information for the other person to know.

Every one around us is not interested in our personal life. So I think more than half of our personality should be hidden. No one have time to resolve our issues or listen what we thought in this busy and practical age. Huge expectations from others create frustration and disappointment in people. It is certain to wish for someone to share his/her inner world and make you relax in tough moments.

As a question arises if the people would be surprised to learn about real me, I think the answer is yes. But not every one around me. People close to my heart know me extremely well and can understand my feelings and needs written on my face. I am an open book for my loved ones.  I do understand the value of relations.

But the people around me at my school, my neighbors, my old school fellows and many more, if not interact me in my personal life, would be not less than a stranger to me. My behaviour with everyone is good and I interact with them in a respectable manner. It’s extremely important to explain that I am self centered  and not rigid or spoiled person.

If anyone wants to get close to me with a good heart to maintain a good relation with me he or she will find me so kind, loving and caring. I never repel to nice people if they are with nice intentions.  I am a person with healthy activities and fresh mind. Being practical I think in our busy age no one has time for us. Spoilage of emotions can break a personality. We have to take care of our emotions by not rolling them in front of every one. That’s why I think if people not close to me will learn something about me they will be surprised.

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