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What perspective do you feel that you will be able to share with others in your academic life as a result of your own life experiences and background?

To become one of the top internationally acclaimed and accomplished Filipino medical practitioners has always been my aspiration. This ambition will not only remain a vision and dream because I am determined to pursue and achieve it. A friend told me I am bent upon my desires and my hopes are way too high, in short, it is simply unrealistic. However, this unsolicited advice hardly shattered my focus and optimism. I believe I have not built castles in air. At the back of my mind, this comment has even made me firmer, resolute, and directed towards my personal and professional objectives and flash forwards. In fact, the fulfillment of this strong desire for success has already started while I was growing up in a far flung suburb community where schistosomiasis is epidemic and healthcare workers are out of sight and poverty-laden families living in the slums of our local barrio are ailing for help from the city officials who are yet to receive limited fund appropriation from our economically unstable national government. To this end, I have dedicated my enthusiasm and academic endeavors to both my family, who serves as my guiding and light and inspiration, and to my impoverished neighborhood that is in dire need.

During the last 16 years of my life, I have devoted a significant amount of my time to study and learn the fundamentals of basic education that can arm me with knowledge, skills, and confidence which will help me face and hurdle the obstacles that I will be encountering once I become independent. I was born and raised in a conservative Filipino family who is Christ-centered and adheres to good values and principles. Unlike many other teenagers of middle-class families, my peer group in school is the only social involvement. Perhaps, this may due to the reason that I am the eldest among the brood of four so I feel obligated to look after my younger siblings whenever my mom, who is an educator, and my dad, who is a serviceman, tires themselves from morning to night to earn wages for us to live decently. Although this is the usual scenario in our home, our family is filled with love for each other and my parents especially take pleasure in molding my siblings and me to become worthwhile and productive members of the society through emphasizing the value of genuine self-giving and education during our formative years. Because my mom is an educator, she serves as my greatest influence in my quest for a higher education and takes up Psychology as my preparatory degree for a career in medicine.

I have cherished the long years of waiting to finally take the chance and opportunity to enroll and study in your institution. I believe that the Rice University’s school administrators, faculty, and students abode within the residential college system are unified in the delivery and acceptance of the best university education with small group discussion and hands-on training using the state of the art facilities of the campus. While I was preparing to take action on my educational pursuits, I came across with online information about your institution and your mission to deliver the best education programs for the brightest students who are selected from the cream of the crop. I have also read a book from one of your accomplished alumni about “Compliance Psychology: The Compulsive Behavior,” which made me even more interested and enthusiastic to become part of your academic community. Although the competition is stiff and arduous, I find your institution interesting because it holds a reputation as the prime center for academic excellence.

My research capacity, creative thinking, innovative ideas as well as my personal characteristics and educational background will allow me to learn and efficiently work among other students in the program to which I belong. Although I came from a brown race and speak differently, I am well adaptive to change, intelligent, and very articulate. Above all, my commitment is grounded with my aim to bring back the glory to my native land and extend to them my services as a future graduate from this university and as a potential licensed physician.

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