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Sample Essay on topic of Sample Essay on topic of Write A Haiku, Limerick, Or Short Poem That Best Represents You

Writing, math, mnemonic devices,
Reading, singing, and thrift store prices,
My thoughts were scattered
Yet all that mattered
Was hard work and great sacrifices

Poetry poetry poetry. This isn’t poetry. Poetry expresses an experience. This is more of a list, and really really really really really really really textbooked out answer. Everyone’s saying: I was poor. Or like I like math. I like school. I like education. How about something that represents you? You can be romanticized and say something like I’m a beach that ebbs and flows. I’m not perfect… yet. But I know after years of education and experience, I will become just as fine as the grains of sand on the beach. Something likes that. I know it says the same thing as I want to do well in school, but it’s actually poetic. It communicates the experience more, in a better way, a more expressive way. Think analogies.

2 poem:-

I will give you a limerick that represents my user name. :~)

Epona’s the goddess of horse
Leah’s my first name of course
When merged side-by-side
Whether I walk or I ride
I borrow the goddesses force.

All in fun… I don’t really think I am a goddess!

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