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Admission interview is not terrific once you are prepared for it!

Congratulations! You are invited to an admission interview! You are almost in the desired college and there is just one more step to take! An interview will make the first impression about you on the future professors. Everything you tell will be remembered and they will form a certain opinion about you! So, here are the common questions you may be asked:

The first is the most common one. It will be like “Tell me about yourself”. Reduce your whole life to a couple of sentences. The best thing is to tell about some examples that will demonstrate your personal traits of character. Show your interests and passions! And avoid stupid answers like “I’m hard working” or “I’m a good student”. They are dull! Instead, reveal your personality, show them who you are!

Why are you interested in our college?” That’s another question where you should avoid standard answers. Be specific; tell about your intellectual interests, not materialistic ones. You should also specify what makes THIS college so special, how it will help you reach your goals.

Who or what influenced you life the most” is another often asked question. Here you can tell about your hero, a historical character, some event and all that stuff which had great impact on your perception of life. It may have formed your character, or some personal views, or you may simply associate yourself with some character. Don’t be shy to tell it! And another question connected to it may be about some challenge you overcame. It will show how you can solve problem and that you are not afraid to face difficulties. College life is full of changes and if you can overcome them, you will make a great student!

Why do you want to specify in this subject?” Here don’t tell about your versatile interests! That will disappoint you listener! By the time you are entering a college or university you must be already sure what you want to study and why! And once again, forget about materialistic goals! Tell instead how you will be able to reveal all your intellectual potential in the certain field!

How can you contribute to our community?” You will get lots of friends during the studying years. You may have to share a room with someone and participate in many activities. Speak community-oriented. Think about your hobbies and interests. For example, you may organize some guitar lessons or a cooking class. Show that you are not only a great student, but also can interact with people efficiently!

In connection to this question they may you about things you like to do in your free time. Well, I’m sure you like chilling out, going to movies and having fun with friends. But this is not something you can tell the admission officers! College studies are hard work and they want to know that you are busy with something productive even when you are not studying. You can mention here about your writing, playing football, reading books, learning about things that will help you in future.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?” It is clear that you can hardly know what will happen to you tomorrow! But they want to see that you can think ahead. However, honesty may play in your favor. And if you see doing different things, that may be mentioned. It will show how versatile you are!

Besides, you will probably be given time to ask questions! Here you should know that you know the college structure very well. Ask some questions about graduates and what they find most valuable in their studies. Or, how is it to get the best grades. You may also ask how you may be beneficial for the community. Show interest in all the aspects of students’ life!

Well, an interview is not scary if you know how to act! I hope, these simple tips will help you enter a college and reveal all your potential!

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