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Admission Thesis: Writing An Essay, Avoid Sensitive Topis

All the subjects may easily be split into something common where everyone agrees on, and some points or theses where there are at least two opposite opinions, and each of them assumes no existance of the other one.

Abortion topics, death punishment for the crimes, stem cell research centers, gun control or religious differences are kind of subjects I suggest you do not touch at all. Not only because there probably cannot be one “right” opinion on these, but rather because your readers may have just opposite opinion to what you say. By disagreeing with you, they will hardly give you a green light to your application. They do not want to be taught on this subject by you, they do not and will not accept an alternative opinion, same way as it is obvious for you what side of these “complex” topics to take.

So our advice is to avoid such topics with your admission process unless your application college requires you to put a thesis like this.

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