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Admissions Essay on The Person You Admire

During our lives, there are people that influence our decisions based on their personal characteristics, values and accomplishments and, pretty much, make us the way we are. The same is with me and the person that influenced me the most and whom I admire is my father. Some people can’t trust anyone and are too afraid of their parents to tell them everything. The situation was different with my dad, as I was able to share every bit of information I had on my mind with him.

I admire my father for a variety of reasons. First of all, he is a son of  uneducated farmer who was struggling all his life to make a living by working day and night and who was just unable to help my father with anything, so he had to accomplish everything by himself. Nevertheless, he did manage to join the army and serve all the way to becoming a lieutenant colonel without any side assistance and that is worth admiring. Besides that, I admire my father because of his brilliant mind and ability to foresee certain things before they happen. He is a very good analyst and can predict many things like whether something bad will happen or not, etc.

I know that my father will always help me and will give me a good piece of advice if I need it. Even if he doesn’t know something and has to guess, he is usually right in his decisions. He worked very hard to make a living so me, my sisters and my mother had everything or almost everything we wanted and I really admire him for that…

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