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Autobiography of Steve Jobs

Autobiography Sample - Steve JobsHello, my name’s Steve Jobs. I was born on the 24th of February 1955 in San Francisco, California. My birth parents (Abdulfattah John Jandali and Joanne Carole Schieble) repudiated me, but one week later I was adopted by a lower-middle-class couple from south of the Bay Area, Paul and Clara Jobs. My news parents named me Steven.

I attended school in Cupertino, California and during high school I started visiting the Hewlett Packard Company in Palo Alto to take part in after school lectures. Very soon I was hired and worked there during summer with my friend Steve Wozniak, who shared my interests in electronics.

When I reached college age (it was 1972), I decided to go to Reed College in Oregon. It was an expensive liberal arts college, way too pricey for my modest parents; but they wanted to keep their promise to my biological mother, and therefore paid for the tuition. I passed successfully my admission paper with the autobiography essay and became a student. I only stayed at Reed for one semester, after which I dropped out. After that there was hippie period for me: learning about Eastern mysticism, adopting strange diets, fasting or eating only fruits, traveling to India with a friend to seek enlightenment. In 1974 I returned home and started to attend meetings held by the Homebrew Computer Club with Steve Wozniak (I called him Woz), and soon got a job in the computing field at Atari (a video game maker).

When attending the Homebrew Computer Club, Woz got the idea of designing his own computer (which consisted only of a circuit board at the time). I saw that many people were interested in my friend’s brilliant work: I suggested him to sell the board to them. Apple Computer was born and our Apple I. For the first time our business consisted of assembling the boards in my garage and driving to local computer stores to test and sell them. Meanwhile, Woz worked at a new computer, basically finished in 1977 – the Apple II . It was a breakthrough computer. That’s why I set out to find venture capitalists to fund Apple’s expansion. Mike Markkula, an enthusiastic former Intel agreed to be our investor, he invested $250,000 in our business.  Soon the Apple II became the symbol of the personal computing revolution worldwide.  As a result, the company grew at a very fast rate, and went public after just four years of existence, in December 1980. My net worth passed the $200 million mark on that day — I was only 25.

But in 1985 the directors of Apple agreed on a new org chart for Apple, in which I had no managerial duties… It amazed me, it was my life, and I was kicked out… After that I begin traveling, I was looking for some ways of spending my energy. In 1986 I bought the company, which shared my dream to make animated movies with computers. It was Pixar.

Yet my main passion was still to make great computers. So I created new company – NeXT, which started work in early 1986. But by 1993, NeXT had to give up its hardware business and focus only on promoting its advanced software technology. NeXT Software, far from beating Apple, had turned into a niche software development business. I was devastated. In addition, my investment in Pixar also seemed to lead nowhere. I had reached the nadir of my career. I spent most of his days at home with my young son Reed and my wife Laurene, whom I had married in 1991.

Speaking of Apple, the “fruit” company was in the midst of its worst year ever. By 1996, the company was looking for new software to replace the old and bloated Mac OS. It eventually chose my NeXTSTEP. Apple paid $400 million to acquire NeXT, and I was back to the company. My official title was “informal adviser to the CEO.”

I succeed to give confidence back to the Apple community. However the greatest moment for Apple came from an unexpected source: the iPod.

In 2006 I (still owner of half of Pixar’s stock) became Disney’s largest individual shareholder (owning 7% of the company’s stock).

And this is not the end, you’ll see many of my dreams coming true…

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