"Bitching" Senior Student Speaks On Thesis Writing

How many times you hear someone’s opinion regarding changes essential for the education system? Is not Education something that Mr President is being criticized for? How often do you participate public and online discussions regarding education as a whole, thesis writing specifically and educational services provided? Quoting on senior year student now:

Not only would this method give students valuable real life experiences but also would add to the students’ resume. …  Many majors already have something similar to this like Theater majors writing and directing their own plays or Economics majors writing their senior thesis, however by making these more integrated with previous courses and more intense, they could replace the comp all together.

Call me a bitching senior, but senior year should be about the culmination of our education and hard work not a grueling year that does nothing to prepare us for the world that awaits when we receive our diplomas, which is the real point of an educations.

Bravo! I cant agree for 100%, but i also cannot disagree. The system that is current education in the US now needs to be changed. The rules accepted by university administrations got to be adjusted to the 21st century circumstances. The diploma granted by the education end should certify the person’s readiness to the real life out of classrooms, without thesis writing and within the service of life.

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