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Thesis Writing Service Says “No” to Plagiarism

Each and every your academic or scientific writing must have a documentation of all sources which have been used in it. High–qualified Thesis Writing Service specialists have deep knowledge in this question and are glad to explain you how to avoid such mistakes.

Plagiarism, a kind of theft in literature, is a serious offence of the writer. Because of it your thesis may lost its academic value and your career may be destroyed.

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You should remember clearly what sources must be referenced in your work:

  • all other’s books, ideas and words;
  • magazines, journals and even the Internet sources need to be documented;
  • every quotation must be given with a credit.

How to avoid plagiarism?

  • for each idea you have borrowed, provide in-text documentation;
  • put quotation for all phrases been directly quoted;
  • use your own language, do not copy other’s style;
  • put detailed information about cited sources in footnotes, endnotes and bibliography.

Thesis Writing Service is sure that following this principles you won’t have any plagiarism issues. But if you are worried about non intentional copyright infringement you always may ask us for a help.