College Biology Thesis

The thesis is a scientific paper describing original research results. It needs to conform to style of presentation and standard methods. It should be concise and clear wherein every sentence should be meaningful that avoids poetic, descriptions and flowery phrases.

Biology Thesis Topics

Biology is a field with different subdivisions and branches that have specialty areas such as marine biology, zoology, molecular biology and computational biology. If you are having problem thinking about your college thesis topic, read this to know more information.

  • Cancer research: The C word is a big threat to health of humans and people who diagnosed with cancer worry too much. There are forms of cancer such as breast cancer and a cure for it depends on the cancer research that conducted. You might want to think of topic related to it like a study about molecules involves in cancer pathogenesis. You can also study about the effects of cancer cells and their responses to an organic matter. Your thesis can be about the introduction of cancer cells to extracts from grapefruit, flaxseed and coffee.
  • Marine biology: It deals with marine organisms and marine biologists study about coral reefs, ocean plant life and other. You can make a good thesis with it by exploring about various pitches of underwater sounds with factors such as currents, seasonal changes and water temperature.
  • Wildlife biology: Wildlife biologists help in preserving various species as well as maintain natural habitats. For interesting topic with it, you can consider about examining nutritional levels of grizzle of eating patterns of the. You also want to compare findings of bears in Yellowstone region.
  • Plant biology: It is about the study of plants and plant organisms. If you want to make thesis for it, you can study about the disciplines of cellular plant and molecular biology that include anatomy, systematic, ecology, evolution, physiology and morphology. A good thesis can able to Finding strand of plants that will benefit human condition such as diabetes or cholesterol.

There you go some of the things you might want to consider in making thesis. If you still don’t have any thesis topic for yourself, whether it be thesis topics in medicine or other onesyou can think to make topic from marine biology, plant biology and others. Begin to make your thesis today!

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