College Mathematics Thesis Ideas

Mathematics is a universal part of education. It is a quantitative language of physical sciences, social and biological sciences. It is an important and valuable component of education. With this, if you are required to make a thesis in mathematics, you need to know what ideas you will consider so that you can easily get started.

Potential Math Thesis Topics

  • Inversive Geometry: You might want to make a thesis about inversive geometry. It’s an interesting non-Euclidean geometry with a link with mechanism and classical projective geometry that include Feurbach’s Theorem.
  • Four-Color Theorem: In mathematics, one of the famous unsolved problems for many years is whether each map on surface can be colored in such a way that any 2 adjacent countries can be distinguished with the use of four colors. It’s easy to make maps with 4 colors but getting proof that 4 colors are sufficient didn’t appear.
  • Additive number theory: This can be a good mathematics thesis because it is interested to study such as knowing multiple properties of integers. Knowing the ways on how you can write the number one as sum of 3 cubes and much more.
  • Fermat’s Last Theorem: The theorem has been proved by Andrew Wiles of Princeton University. Even though the discussion is beyond undergraduate level, it includes proofs of numerous special cases, discuss of Bernoulli numbers, discussion of the quadratic number and more.
  • Group Decision Making: This can be a wonderful deal of research on developing mathematical models of group decision making and individual. You might want to consider this idea or topic especially if you have interest with it.

There are many great topics for mathematics thesis,  thesis on English language or thesis on literature, and it depends on what area or theorem you want to study. There is much coverage to deal with it and it is better to choose only one. Thinking of a good topic is time consuming and difficult but when you are done with it, you can start researching and writing about your thesis. To sum it up, a good topic is important so that you can able to make a thesis that is excellent and awesome. The time you are done thinking your mathematics topic, start to make your thesis today!

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