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Dissertation Problem Statement

A problem statement is the driving force of a dissertation. It should state the problem that needs to be solved by the research. The problem statement should be clear and well articulated because it becomes the foundation of the entire dissertation from the proposal to the final documentation.

What is a problem statement? It is a single sentence that presents a notion or argument about the relationship of two or several variables that the author wants to prove to be true or valid.

Writing a dissertation problem statement is crucial because this one statement is the center of the whole paper. It is complex as it is simple since this part requires just one single sentence that can dictate the flow of the dissertation.

Before you can come down to writing a dissertation problem statement the idea should be developed first. When developing a problem statement it is assumed that you already have read through some topic ideas that can help you develop a dissertation statement. Organize questions about the topic you are considering and come up with a question that you think is worth investigating. The answer to that question can be an assertion that you think is valid and can already represent a problem statement.

The problem statement should be logical, clear and well-structured. These characteristics of a dissertation statement are the elements of a well articulated statement that successfully guides the author in producing a dissertation that clearly represents the entire goal and purpose of the study.

It also brings focus to the study and sets limitations of what concepts, data and literature should or should not be part of the study.

A well-written problem statement should also function to justify the whole purpose of the study. It establishes the existence of the problem and creates a rationale that convinces the readers why it is important to prove the validity of the argument presented by the dissertation problem statement.

Constructing the problem statement is a very essential part of dissertation writing. How it is written influences the outcome of the entire paper. If you need expert advice on writing a good problem statement for your dissertation, an excellent writing service can help you. With the help of experienced dissertation writers, a dissertation writing service can provide you with an original and well-written problem statement.

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