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Essays on controversial topics: tips how to please everyone

Writing essays is a task that seems interesting to someone but is a complete horror for others. If you have good imagination and can easily explain your ideas then essays are exactly right up your street. But the thing which has the main meaning personally for me is the topic. The very issue you have to write about. To my mind, you will agree that expressing thoughts about for example your favorite film and something completely dull are two totally different things! And so-called controversial topics are those which can puzzle even those who enjoy writing essays! I mean such issues like history, politics, religion, social points, etc. Even something less important can sometimes provoke discussions in the society! That is why be especially careful when dealing with issues which seem very ambiguous!

Try to understand the reasons why people actually react differently on this or that point. Reasons are really different and of course it is impossible to please everyone. But still your point will be to understand both sides. This one is especially difficult as for me. Especially in case you have your personal beliefs and can’t understand your opponents. Here you should remember that you are now a writer so try to forget what you consider to be right and for some time. Just do your best and keep in mind the arguments of the opposing side. By the way they may be rather strong! Or what seems a right point to me-try to operate the bare facts. Do not read any opinions, sometimes the facts is the only thing your read wants to get. Imagine that there is no ambiguity.  Try to present things as they are, in certain cases this is the best way out.

These so-called controversial or ambiguous topics usually seem to be the most interesting ones. So feel free to touch them but remember that even your opponents are people, so try to avoid your opinion and give the readers what they want!

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