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history cheat sheet

What many people remember about history is having to remember a long list of dates when examination time rolls around. However, at the college level, remembering dates becomes less important. Instructors are more interested in imparting information about the significance of events and the impact that they have had. A history cheat sheet is a summary of important information consolidated in one or two pages for quick and easy reference. Many instructors don’t mind students using cheat sheets in advanced history class exams. Examinations are often essay type questions that you couldn’t fit the answers to on the cheat sheets allowed. An art history cheat sheet in an advanced class will serve more as a prompt than anything else. For a student who hasn’t studied the material or doesn’t know how to write a assignment a cheat sheet is likely to be little or no help at all.

How to use a history cheat sheet

A world history cheat sheet or any other history cheat sheet is useful for more than just taking exams. The uses of a history cheat sheet include:

  • As a tool for quick reviews. For students pressed for time, having the most important information summarized on a cheat sheet gives them a way to review anytime they have a few minutes, whether its waiting in line or in between other activities.
  • As a study guide. Students can quickly determine what areas they need work on by reading through a cheat sheet. They can then focus on these areas rather than covering everything, when it isn’t necessary.
  • As a prompt during exams (if allowed). Essay responses to potential questions could fill a book. The history cheat sheet can provide the nudge to get you started. For many students, that is all they need.

The use of cheat sheets in is considered by many to be a more effective teaching tool than memorizing long lists of dates or other data that are forgotten right after an exam.

Our academic help

Our history cheat sheet is one tool that we provide to help students with their academic work. We offer many other assignment writing services that students can make use of when they are having academic difficulties. Academic services are provided by graduates in the subject field at the appropriate level, to ensure the help you get is the help you need. Using our service gives you access to expert assistance in the subject area. Other advantages of our service include:

  • Fast and easy online order and payment process
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  • Guarantees that the service we provide completely satisfies all of your requirements
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Dissertation Topics in Islamic Leasing Fri, 25 Sep 2015 06:50:19 +0000 islamic leasing

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There are topics that can be found online to help you not a have a hard time to get started in your Islamic leasing dissertation. There are also many tips you can find that serve as your guide in writing. If you find the process difficult, this page will help you.

Writing Islamic Leasing Dissertation

  • In line with your interest: A successful Islamic leasing dissertation requires great amount of hard word, dedication and time. Choosing a topic that you really want will make your work easier. The good of writing Islamic banking masters is that you choose your own topic.
  • Manage your time: Time is gold and you should not waste your time. You need to use your time wisely in order to complete your dissertation. You cannot complete it when you just research and write on the day you want. Knowing how you will start writing your paper is important. Think whether you want to write in the morning, afternoon or evening.
  • Plenty of details available: Selecting a topic with many details available is good. If your topic does not have sufficient information that is available, you cannot make a good paper. In order to draw viable details, great amount of research is needed. In gathering information, do not limit yourself. In today’s era, there are many ways in compiling data.
  • Integrate knowledge: The trick in having a successful dissertation lies in integration of knowledge by using subsections. You need to keep integrating to present a wonderful paper.
  • Double or triple check: You need to check your paper for many times. This is one of the important steps you should remember. You cannot construct a good paper if you do not check and recheck for facts and information. Do not attempt to skip the step of fast checking, editing and proofreading.

Get Professional Assistance for Islamic Leasing Dissertation

If you need a help with your dissertation writing, you can ask a help from professional from native English speaking experts. They can provide you editing and custom content services. You can select a professional write you want to work with. Anytime of the day, feel free to communicate with them to tell your instructions. Their writers create your Islamic finance project from scratch to ensure it is authentic and original.

Islamic Leasing Dissertation Topics

  1. Renting or leasing in Islamic France
  2. Islamic leasing: Its economic benefits
  3. People’s leasing and finance PLS: Islamic Finance
  4. Basic rules of Islamic leasing
  5. Islamic leasing is on rise
  6. Introduction to Islamic leasing and its legal concept
  7. Reference documentation: Islamic leasing
  8. Implementations of Islamic financial leasing
  9. Equipment Islamic leasing fund
  10. Rationale and background behind Islamic leasing

To choose a good dissertation topic, knowing your interest will help you a lot. If you know the things you want to discover in relation to Islamic leasing or Murabaha in Islamic banking, getting started is not a hard time. It is also important when you check out tips in writing. To complete your paper, start to know your topic, make a research and begin writing.

And if you still need help with your Islamic leasing paper, feel free to contact our experts!

Dissertation Writing Help On Islamic Investment Fri, 18 Sep 2015 06:34:42 +0000 islamic investment

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Before you can start writing your Islamic investment dissertation, you need to make sure that your topic is approved by your professor. This is important to get started in writing. If you do not know what to do because you are stuck, few tips will assist you.

Tips in Writing Islamic Investment Dissertation

  • Make sure your proposal is clear: In writing Islamic investment banking paper, ensure that your proposal is clear. It is your basis to complete your project and your professor can reject it if you don’t do well which means you need to start over again. This wastes your time and if you don’t want to happen, exerts extra effort.
  • Topic can be researched: Even though you have a good topic but it is not researched thoroughly or properly, it will be useless. The point is that you need to be sure to choose a topic with much information for easier researching.
  • Use correct writing: You need to make sure that you write the dissertation properly. In your paper, you should have a problem and hypothesis. You need to tell why it must be researched and how you research for it. Present about the outcomes and ways each is essential in your hypothesis.
  • Elaborate: You need to prepare yourself to elaborate your dissertation especially if you do not add enough details. You need also be prepared in rewriting points.

Writing your dissertation properly is essential because you need to ensure it will satisfy your professor. In your paper, you will get numerous points and research materials allowing you to share what you have learned and discovered.

Choosing Service for Your Islamic Investment Banking Dissertation

It is not bad to work with professional writing service because they can give you the assistance and help you need. They can provide you a custom content you are looking for. Whether it’s law, politics, masters in Islamic finance or Musharakah in Islamic banking paper, they understand what they should do and you should not worry. Some of the services you can experience includes editing, proofreading and formatting. Some of the services also have 24/7 customer service to answer your questions or inquiries.

Islamic Investment Dissertation Topics

  1. Ways on how Islamic financing systems is different from traditional system
  2. Different concepts of partnership in Islamic investment
  3. Is Islamic banking investment really Islamic?
  4. Rise of Islamic banking investment
  5. How Islamic investments grow?
  6. Setting up Islamic bank?
  7. Integrating Islamic concept to modern banking system
  8. Trading through Islamic investment banking
  9. Islamic banking in Istisna
  10. Islamic banking investment: Shariah Compliance

It is not easy to come up with a good Islamic investment dissertation or a thesis Islamic banking topic because you know to show that you can make a good research about it. If you are having difficulties with it, you can ask your parents or friends to help you. You can also search the web to get the topic you want. Just be sure that you can search for much information on books, articles, web pages and online sources to have a high quality paper.

If you need help with your Islamic investment dissertation, feel free to get in touch!

How to Write a Risk Management In Islamic Finance Dissertation Fri, 11 Sep 2015 06:24:13 +0000 risk management in islamic finance

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Knowing how to write a risk management in Islamic finance dissertation will help you a lot. Also, if you know some topics, it will make your task easier because you no longer need to spend much time in researching for the right topic you can have for yourself.

Writing Financial Risk Management for Islamic Banking and Finance

  • Format: One of the difficulties in writing financial risk management for Islamic banking and finance dissertation is choosing the right format. Large amount of research is needed in dissertation writing. To have a good format, you can read some dissertation examples online.
  • Purpose: You should know your purpose in writing risk management Islamic finance dissertation. You will be the one to choose your own topic and relate it to the field you chose. In knowing the purpose, through investigation about your topic is very important. In dissertation, there are many arguments you need to prove.
  • Accurate and original: The details that are presented in your paper should be original and accurate. This is your chance to give new insights related to the topic you are researching. Even though there are evidences that are not new, it still shows critical analysis. In writing a dissertation, it requires higher level of analysis and you must know it.
  • Time management: You need to manage your time because you surely have difficulties in completing your paper is you are in a hurry. Make sure to make a plan on how you divide each task in writing the dissertation.
  • Proofread: One of the things you should not forget is proofreading. Do not submit a paper that is not proofread. You need to ensure that your project is free from any mistakes and typos. Read it for multiple times as much as possible.

How Dissertation Help you to Complete Your Paper

If you get online help, it ensures that they help you in every stage. They help you in writing and coming up with a good Islamic banking masters until you are finish. With them, they help you to edit and proofread your research proposal on Islamic banking. You will be glad because they give you some style and layout samples. They do a high standard of writing an Islamic banking dissertation to meet your expectations and the deadline. If you are struggling, asking a help is not bad.

Islamic Finance Risk Management Topics

  1. How risk management is different to Islamic financial firms
  2. Prohibition of interest based transactions
  3. Ban on excessive and speculation risk taking
  4. Islamic task system zakat
  5. Risk management discouragement
  6. Risk management in Islamic finance institutions
  7. Sukuk and its risk management in current scenario
  8. Xinjiang Islamic financial risk management
  9. Risk and liquidity management: Interested topic in Islamic banking
  10. Examples of risk management failures

In writing your Islamic financial risk management dissertation, it is essential to know what you must do. You need to know about the some tips so that you have a guide in writing.

Start to write your risk management in Islamic finance dissertation paper today or get professional help right away!

Prepare Yourself For Takaful Islamic Insurance Dissertation Writing Fri, 04 Sep 2015 06:13:42 +0000 takaful islamic insurance

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It is not easy to write a Takaful Islamic insurance dissertation because you need to know what should be the best topic for your readers. If you do not want to have a hard time in thinking for good topics, check this out!

Asking Help From Best Writing Service

There are numerous services in Islamic Takaful insurance dissertation having specialization in writing the best paper. Writers are experienced in writing a research proposal on Islamic banking or an essay on Islamic banking. They have the familiarity on what to write. They ensure that you have an effective paper to meet the expectations of your readers.

Writing Islamic Takaful Insurance

  • Managing time constraints: Although your dissertation seems to be an endless project, it can be completed on time when you know what you do. With this, it is important that you manage your time. You need to set a time and schedule on where you start each part of the dissertation.
  • Each day counts: Set aside time every day for your dissertation tasks. For difficult tasks, it is better when you do it when you are active or productive and do easy tasks when you are less motivated. In addition, it is essential to make the flow of your paper logical and do not forget that you need to keep all records of information sources so that you will not waste your time searching again.
  • Finishing off and checking through: This stage is time consuming that is why you need to set enough time. It is where you need to read your work and to check for typos or mistakes. Keep in mind that great presentation matters, meaning you need to follow the rules in margining and table formats. It is easy to write your dissertation if you know the proper format. It helps you to have a professional appearance that is why it is worth to leave a sufficient time in proofreading and layouting your paper.
  • Plagiarism: You should not ever copy from others works because it is plagiarism. Do not get information from books, web pages, television shows, email messages, songs, articles and interviews. It should only serve as your basis in writing and completing your dissertation.
  • Get help: It is better when you consult your supervisor in writing each stage of your paper. You can also ask other students that can help you to complete it. You need to get feedbacks regularly to make your task much easier.

Takaful Islamic Insurance Dissertation Topics

  1. Effects of Takaful Islamic insurance
  2. Application of Islamic insurance Takaful
  3. Adoption and Perception of Islamic Insurance Takaful
  4. Critical study of Islamic insurance Takaful and its modern implementation
  5. Modern approach of Islamic insurance Takaful
  6. Applications and development of Islamic insurance
  7. Demand of Takaful family in Malaysia
  8. Consumers’ attitudes toward Takaful Islamic insurance
  9. Difference between conventional insurance and Takaful insurance
  10. Comparative analysis of efficiency of conventional and Takaful insurance in Malaysia

If you want to have a good topic in Takaful Islamic insurance dissertation or in a thesis Islamic banking, do not waste your time in researching. You need to start right now to gather more information and to find out more topic ideas you can choose from.

If you need professional help with your Islamic insurance Takaful, feel free to contact us!

Help With MBA in Islamic Finance Fri, 28 Aug 2015 06:11:39 +0000 mba islamic finance

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Selection of MBA Islamic finance dissertation topic is difficult and complicated but it is the most essential activity in writing. A student should go for a dissertation topic that it is line with their interests and has enough Islamic banking research materials.

MBA in Islamic Banking and Finance Topics

If you have ideas on MBA in Islamic Banking and Finance topics, you will not consume much of your time. It is easy for you to get started in writing.


  1. Islamic banking
  2. Islamic financial development
  3. Islamic financial instruments
  4. Sources of uses of Islamic banks funds
  5. Role of Sharia’a boards is Islamic financial development
  6. Comparison of customer deposits between conventional and Islamic bank
  7. Islamic banking product: Help international trade
  8. Ijara or Murabaha: Best Financing
  9. Musharaka or Mudaraba: Best Equity Financing
  10. Internalization of Islamic banks

Tips in Writing Islamic Finance in MBA

  • Start searching: In writing your Islamic finance in MBA, you need to start searching for your topic.
  • Define area of interest: Writing a dissertation takes time that is why you need to discover your interest. It is essential to begin reading the topic to have a good research. This will ensure that you will not waste much of your time.
  • Structuring the dissertation: Although the dissertation format is different from one another, it is important to abide with the provided structure by the school. If there is none, then you need to choose the best structure for your Islamic banking thesis.
  • Abstract: It is a brief summary of your research and it helps readers to know their purpose quickly. It always appears in the beginning of your paper.
  • Introduction: This involves issues you will addressed to readers. It covers the rationale of your topic and reasons you are conducting the Islamic banking masters research.
  • Literature review: You need to conduct investigation literature review that is related to your research problem. For instance, you need to find informative sources, read thoroughly and to determine their importance.
  • Methodology: It deals with how, what and why. It indicates how you will gather and analyze data. The process is done through interviews, group discussions or surveys.
  • Results and Analysis: It focused on how you will analyze the collected data. Does it answer your research questions or not? You need to prove your research hypotheses.
  • Discussion: You need to discuss about the research findings.
  • Conclusion: Wrap up what you discussed and provide an overview about your study as well as literature overview.

Help From Best Service to Complete Your Assignment

If you feel that you cannot complete your dissertation, seeking a help from professional is a good choice. They will be the one to complete your paper and ensure to give you complete satisfaction. You no longer need to experience struggle in writing.

To get started in writing your MBA Islamic finance dissertation, you need to choose what topic you want. Then, you need to make extensive research in gathering all materials needed.

If you think you are having difficulties in completing your paper, getting a help from writers is not bad.

What Is Musharakah in Islamic Banking Fri, 27 Feb 2015 02:49:06 +0000 What Is Musharakah in Islamic BankingBankers cannot assume in this global economy that everybody operates by the rules set down by J.P. Morgan Chase or the Bank of England. In various parts of the world there are means of transactions that are quite different. These reflect local customs and culture. Islamic world has banking practices that are quite different from those of the West. One of these is Musharakah. Moreover, it’s worth visiting our site where you may get additional information about Ijarah in Islamic banking.

What is Musharakah in Islamic Banking?

Before going any further, a person needs to understand that much business in the Middle East is influenced by the Islamic holy law, or Sharia. Interest is forbidden because this is usury. As a consequence, there are a number of ways in which financial business is conducted to exclude interest from the discussion. Musharakah is one of these. It is a partnership structure with profit and loss sharing attributes that take the place of loans with interest. Each party in the Musharakah arrangement is going to share in both the profits and the risks. The bank does not charge interest but will instead take a portion of the actual profits earned. What is interesting about this is that while the bank will share the profits, it is going to share in the losses as well. The loss, if any, will be in proportion to the initial investment.

Diminishing Musharakah in Islamic Banking

No one should be deceived by this. Diminishing Musharakah does not mean that Islamic banking is losing interest in Musharakah. That is not the case at all. Diminishing Musharakah is an option within the rules and regulations of Musharakah.

What happens in this arrangement is comparable to a leasing sale – back arrangement. The two parties, the business person, and the financier, go into a partnership to purchase an asset. The financier’s portion of the partnership is divided into smaller units. These portions are purchased by the business person over a period of time until ultimately the business owns the asset. This is something that is used particularly in fixed assets such as property. It is a way of avoiding the use of interest and staying compliant with the rules of Sharia.

Musharakah in Islamic Banking

No one should think that the use of Musharakah is diminishing itself in any way. Indeed, this participatory form of finance is considered quite favorably in the Islamic world. There really are benefits for both sides in the situation. A borrower is able to get necessary financing without having to worry about interest payments. The bank has a vested interest in the assets purchased, and will probably pay greater attention to how it is being used. The opportunity of the borrower buying back the entire asset will sure the bank receives payment on a routine basis.

Musharakah and other forms of Islamic banking underscore the importance of relationships in the Islamic world. No one can take a passive interest in Musharakah because there is the chance of having to share the losses. What it tells a Western banker is that doing business in the Islamic world is going to require carefully cultivating trust and understanding. This is not a case where a 30 minute meeting with a loan officer is going to result in anything. Relationships matter and Islamic financing underscores that. In addition, you may find more information about Murabaha in Islamic banking by visiting our site.

What Is Murabaha in Islamic Banking Fri, 20 Feb 2015 02:45:18 +0000 What Is Murabaha in Islamic BankingAn astute banker knows that he or she must be able to respond to the needs of the prospective client. This can mean having a recognition of the financial customs and procedures of the region. The global economy provides opportunities but only if a person is familiar with different cultures. Banking in the Islamic world is different than the ordinary methods practiced in the West. It is essential to know exactly what they mean, and how they impact business. Moreover, you may learn more about essay on Islamic banking and finance on our site.

What Is Murabaha in Islamic Banking?

This is actually a sale. The person who is selling will indicate what costs have been incurred on a given asset, and will then sell it to someone else with a profit margin attached to it. The buyer is made aware of the margin as well as the costs, but the actual purchase is made by a third-party. The buyer then pays the intermediary in installments. Murabaha is a type of fiduciary sale known in the Arab world as bayu-al-amanah. This particular type of sale is widely used in Islamic banks.

Why Bother with Murabaha Islamic Banking?

This can be extremely bewildering to any Western banker. The reason for this is centered in Sharia, the holy law of Islam. Sharia forbids the use of usury; the taking of any interest on a loan. In effect, the sale under Murabaha is a form of rent. Sharia has one benefit for the buyer that is not common practice in Western banking. It is forbidden to compensate the intermediary beyond the terms of the contract; that would be considered usury. Consequently, the bank as intermediary cannot charge a late fee if the buyer fails to make the necessary payment on time. The same is true for default. Penalty payments are not allowed.

Murabaha Islamic Banking is Complex

Sharia is not always easy for a non-Muslim to understand. There are restrictions and regulations placed on the practice of Murabaha. The easiest way to practice it is if the bank itself owns the commodity. There are various stages of the process and it can get a little bit complicated as the transaction proceeds. The important thing to remember is that interest cannot be charged at all. Any indication of it will void the entire deal. Once the question of interest not being there has been addressed, the tenets of Sharia are going to take a prominent place. The banker has to keep all this in mind as he or she is working with an Islamic client.

It all can be hard for Western bank to do, but what has to be understood are the advantages for somebody seeking capital. The idea of no penalty fees is extremely attractive, and on top of that is the cultural/religious issue. A Muslim who is in a Murabaha transaction is showing a level of piety and deference to religious law. People in the United States may find that odd, but in the Middle East Islam is taken very seriously. It would be in the interests of any bank to take a very close look at Islamic banking and all of its various components. The Middle East is changing its economy. Oil may soon no longer be the primary source of revenue. Instead, banking may take its place. Knowing as much as possible about Murabaha can perhaps open up some very serious opportunities for a bank. Besides, you may know more about Ijarah in Islamic banking by visiting our site.

Literature Review on Islamic Banking and Finance Fri, 13 Feb 2015 09:16:53 +0000 Craft High Standard Literature Review on Islamic Banking

Literature review as well as essay on Islamic banking is a challenging part when writing a good research paper as this explores all available and credible data regarding your topic. For most, this is considered to be a time consuming task given that you have to effectively select useful information. In order for your research to be reliable, you have to gather all necessary data and information not only through online resources but also newspapers, journals, academic papers, and even government records among many others.

Get Accurate Literature Review on Islamic Banking with Our Help!

Writing a good literature review on Islamic banking therefore is an extensive task and if you need help, we have the best team of academic writers and researchers online. Working with us means working with highly qualified people that will surely make the entire process a lot easier and time efficient for you. We know that to students, time is of the essence which is why we make sure that we can deliver fast turnaround time – no matter the level of difficulty of the task. Our services on Islamic banking research proposal writing are centered towards satisfaction which is why we have a great number of happy and loyal clients.

Avail the Best Help for Premium Literature Review on Islamic Banking

There is no need for you to stress over the next time you are dealing with literature reviews or presentation on Islamic banking as everything will be created by experts. Our writers will personalize everything in order to deliver you an original and winning literature review. Remember that your literature review on Islamic banking is one of the most essential sections of a winning research hence the importance of making sure that this is accurate and top notch.

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What Is Ijarah in Islamic Banking Fri, 13 Feb 2015 02:46:50 +0000 What Is Ijarah in Islamic BankingThe financial world is beginning to witness an amazing development. The Middle East has begun to realize that oil revenues are not a forever thing, and diversification is going to be extremely important. This is very true in the world of banking. Islam is the religion and has been the culture of the region for centuries. Islamic banking, which will fund construction and other economic diversification, is an essential way of conducting finance. It is necessary to understand its practices, which includes Ijarah Islamic finance.

What Defines Ijarah in Islamic Banking?

This is a bit different than the commonly accepted practices of Western banking. Ijarah is in essence an exchange transaction. Assets are made available without being transferred in ownership. Payments are made as a form of rent. The assets can be in the form of equipment, automobiles, and buildings, among other possibilities. The payments are done over a period of time, and after it has expired a contract known as a Bai is entered into. This is the purchase price of the asset. The idea of interest on a loan is not present in any of this.

The Rationale for Ijarah Islamic Finance

The starting point for this type of banking rests with the Sharia of Islam. The holy law does not allow for any type of interest payment or fees for money loans. In other words, usury is not something that is acceptable. These practices of Islamic banking were used for centuries and were abandoned for period of time for Western banking practices. As the Middle East returned more towards the Islamic roots, banking that was consistent with Sharia became more in demand. Practices such as Ijarah now have become extremely common and literally billions of dollars are transacted under its guiding rules. Moreover, you may learn more about Murabaha in Islamic banking on our site.

Benefits of Ijarah Islamic Banking

The whole principle may seem a bit strange to Western eyes, but there is a benefit to Ijarah. It permits any company to be able to get a hold of equipment or other assets by means of the lease. It means that upfront capital expenditures are avoided. The terms of the Ijarah ordinary last just a few years, and the leasee has the right to purchase the asset at the end of the period (the price of the asset is determined beforehand). A business owner benefits from not having to put up a sizable amount of capital in the beginning. It can allow that company to consider other transactions while keeping to the terms of the Ijarah lease.

This lease agreement as part of Islamic banking is widespread. There are many companies in Islamic world that are more open to this type of arrangement. Western banks have traditionally followed certain procedures and the Ijarah is not something that is very familiar. However, being able to make use of this is a way of getting business in the Middle East. The traditional loan officer is not somebody who’s going to be very noticeable in Damascus or Ankara. Taking a serious look at Ijarah and other Islamic banking practices can open up opportunities. This is more than just a local custom; it is a financial way of life in the Islamic world. Its use by Western banks can bring in additional business.