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Chicago Citation Level

Different citation styles may be used to describe what sources you’ve used for thesis writing. Our thesis writing service can do all the formatting for you using any of them. If you want to do it yourself using the Chicago citation styles, here are the basic principles how to do it.

The books used for thesis writing should be cited in the following way. You give the author’s name, then place the year of publication, the book title, the place of publication and then the publisher.

An encyclopedia is a great source of information. You are very likely to use an encyclopedia article for your thesis writing. And reference to an encyclopedia requires special formatting in the Chicago citation style. For example, it should be something like this: in this article on medicine (the article title) in the 2005 edition (the publication date) of the British Encyclopedia (the name of the encyclopedia) Mr. X (the author’s name) says that…

A journal article is to be cited as follows. First of all give the author’s name, the publication date, the title of the article, the periodical title, the volume and the pages used.

Apart from a journal article you may use a newspaper article for thesis writing. It requires its own citation format. The first thing you need to give is the author’s name. Then the year of publication, the article title, the name of the periodical where you found this article, the month and date of the publication and the section and the page where the article was found.

The data given for a magazine article is quite similar to that of a newspaper article. Once again, you give the author’s name, the publication year, the title of the article, the magazine’s name, the month and date of payment and the page on which the article was published.

A website citation should be done in the following sequence. You place the author’s name, the date when this publication appeared on the website, the name of the book, the place where the book was published, the publisher of the book, the date when it was published and the web address where you found the used article.

Anyone may mix up with the citation styles. But only not our thesis writing service! Our thesis writing service knows all the peculiarities and details of the citation styles usage. Don’t be in a mess with all the citation styles! Address to our thesis writing service and tell what citation style you need to be used. Our thesis writing service will do the rest of the work.

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