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Selection of MBA Islamic finance dissertation topic is difficult and complicated but it is the most essential activity in writing. A student should go for a dissertation topic that it is line with their interests and has enough Islamic banking research materials.

MBA in Islamic Banking and Finance Topics

If you have ideas on MBA in Islamic Banking and Finance topics, you will not consume much of your time. It is easy for you to get started in writing.


  1. Islamic banking
  2. Islamic financial development
  3. Islamic financial instruments
  4. Sources of uses of Islamic banks funds
  5. Role of Sharia’a boards is Islamic financial development
  6. Comparison of customer deposits between conventional and Islamic bank
  7. Islamic banking product: Help international trade
  8. Ijara or Murabaha: Best Financing
  9. Musharaka or Mudaraba: Best Equity Financing
  10. Internalization of Islamic banks

Tips in Writing Islamic Finance in MBA

  • Start searching: In writing your Islamic finance in MBA, you need to start searching for your topic.
  • Define area of interest: Writing a dissertation takes time that is why you need to discover your interest. It is essential to begin reading the topic to have a good research. This will ensure that you will not waste much of your time.
  • Structuring the dissertation: Although the dissertation format is different from one another, it is important to abide with the provided structure by the school. If there is none, then you need to choose the best structure for your Islamic banking thesis.
  • Abstract: It is a brief summary of your research and it helps readers to know their purpose quickly. It always appears in the beginning of your paper.
  • Introduction: This involves issues you will addressed to readers. It covers the rationale of your topic and reasons you are conducting the Islamic banking masters research.
  • Literature review: You need to conduct investigation literature review that is related to your research problem. For instance, you need to find informative sources, read thoroughly and to determine their importance.
  • Methodology: It deals with how, what and why. It indicates how you will gather and analyze data. The process is done through interviews, group discussions or surveys.
  • Results and Analysis: It focused on how you will analyze the collected data. Does it answer your research questions or not? You need to prove your research hypotheses.
  • Discussion: You need to discuss about the research findings.
  • Conclusion: Wrap up what you discussed and provide an overview about your study as well as literature overview.

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To get started in writing your MBA Islamic finance dissertation, you need to choose what topic you want. Then, you need to make extensive research in gathering all materials needed.

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