How to Make a PowerPoint Presentation on Australian Curriculum

Do You Need Help to Make a PowerPoint Presentation?

powerpoint presentation helpIf you have been tasked on doing a presentation on the Australian curriculum then Microsoft’s PowerPoint is a quick and easy to use medium to prepare and present that presentation. PowerPoint with a little practice is very simple to use and can be a powerful way to get your point across. Of course learning how to use the software and providing the content for your presentation are two very different things.

To create PowerPoint presentation slides that are logical and well presented is not as easy as most people think. Far too often presented create cluttered and poorly organized slide shows that lose the interest of the audience.

What to Consider When Creating Your PowerPoint Presentation

How you create slides has a huge impact on how the audience will learn and interact. So it is very important that you craft each slide with care so as to add to your presentation. Remember that PowerPoint is a visual medium and is meant to add to what you have to say, not just replace you with all of the information on the screen.

Consider all of the following when creating your slides:

make a powerpoint presentation Images:

create powerpoint presentations Should be high quality and add to the message

create powerpoint presentations help Should be cropped to remove anything irrelevant or distracting

create powerpoint presentation help Should not be “clip art”, everyone has already seen them

make powerpoint presentations Text:

create powerpoint presentation helper Should add to your presentation not replace it

create powerpoint presentations helper Use a font that is easy to read and see; be consistent between slides

help to create powerpoint presentation Use bullets and not full sentences

help to create a powerpoint presentation Only use 4-6 points on any page; have them come up a point at a time to reduce distractions and keep the audience focused

help to create powerpoint presentations Don’t use large blocks of text – the audience will read and stop listening

make powerpoint presentation Diagrams and tables:

help with powerpoint presentations Make them as simple as possible; the audience must be able to almost immediately see the point being made

help with powerpoint presentation They should not be something that needs to be studied at length

Of course you can also use animations and videos as well as a host of other effects for your presentation. Whatever you use however always ensure that it will add to your presentation and provide value to the audience without distracting them from what you have to say.

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Structuring Your PowerPoint Presentations

Of course you will want to ensure that your presentation will get and keep the attention of the audience while clearly communication what you want to tell them. Be very clear before you start exactly what you are going to talk about and what you will want to show through your presentation. The following is a typical structure for your presentation on Australian curriculum:

powerpoint presentation Introduction slide  Simple slide stating presentation title, who you are and the date

powerpoint presentations Outline of your presentation

creating powerpoint presentation Tell them what you are going to discuss and show them

creating a powerpoint presentation Provide a logical sequence for your presentation

create powerpoint presentation The content

creating powerpoint presentations All of the information that you want to cover

powerpoint presentations creating One at the most two slides for every minute of talking

powerpoint presentation creating Use pictures and graphics more than text

create a powerpoint presentation Concluding slide

a powerpoint presentation creating Concise and to the point

a presentation creating Pose a question?

presentation creating Provide your information for follow-up

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