How to Write a Good Thesis Statement on Immigration

Thesis writing is a very and very difficult task. It requires great efforts from you. Each stage of the writing process is of vital importance. Even formulating your thesis statement. Thesis statement is the declaration of your believes. It must be crisp, informative and absolutely unambiguous. When writing your thesis, remember that it must define your topic and give an idea about your overall thesis.


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Immigration is an urgent problem of many developed countries. Since it is so popular and much talked about, you can write a very interesting thesis about it. And a successful thesis statement may be like:

“Nowadays more and more countries refuse visas to people from the third world because they think that the strangers can create problems as illegal immigrants.” So, this statement shows that your thesis is about immigration, visas and problems caused by illegal immigrants.

Using Different Aspects and Approachings is Important

When writing a thesis about immigration, you can use different approaches and consider different aspects like the immigration problem in America or EU. Or, perhaps, when writing a thesis you can show immigration trends using graphs or tables.

Before forming your thesis statement you should decide which side are you on. That can be either government or immigrants. You can’t be neutral when writing an immigration thesis. If you try to stay neutral, your thesis statement will be weak and not interesting for the readers. For example, if you support your government, you may write something like:

“Illegal immigrants cause the unemployment problems and tax evasion that leads to loss, our country should refuse visas to those foreigners who cannot give a proof of their return.”

If you use something of this kind for your immigration thesis writing, you’ll give strong reasons supporting government and your position. Your thesis statement must be able to explain the entire thesis to your readers in one simple line.

Do Profound Research on Immigration

Another advice I can give you for your thesis writing is to do a profound research on your subject. Put questions and give reasonable answers to each of them. That will also help you with making a statement for your thesis writing. For example, you may put such a question:

Why do people risk and live as illegal immigrants?

And the answer may be:

Because they want to escape economic problems.

And basing on this simple question and answer we may form such a thesis statement:

“Economic problems make people come as illegal immigrants to countries with higher living standards where they can start more or less decent living.”

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