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How to Write about Someone Who Influenced Your Life

Telling about a person that influenced your life is a rather popular task. That can be the topic of your essay or a question at an admission interview. Frankly speaking, I don’t have an idea why this topic is so important for the professors! Probably, that will help them understand better what kind of person you are and why you have such life position.

Let’s imagine this is your essay topic. Your task will not be just to tell about your daddy, your friend or some superstar that influenced you. You will have to write a captivating story! Have you ever written a narrative essay? If so, you must remember the rules of successful storytelling. They will be useful for writing an essay about someone who has had the greatest impact on you. This kind of essay is a rather peculiar one, so let’s have a look at all the difficulties you may face!

Let’s figure out the purpose of such an essay. That may be a common school or college task, or a part of the application process. Both of them are designed to reveal your personal qualities. And if you are writing this paper as a part of application, be extremely careful. You will have a certain word limit and often you’ll have to present an essay that’s no longer than 200 words! So, try to tame your inspiration and express your ideas briefly.

There are three major tips you should always keep in your head.

First of all, describe all the positive and negative sides of a person that influenced you life! That will show your professors how objective you are and how you can analyze people and their actions.

Secondly, be specific! Give examples that will show the impact you telling about. Speak about a certain incident from your past.

And the last, but not the least speak of someone you know very well. Of course, that may seem to be more interesting to tell, for example, about Michael Jackson or Superman, but you’d better not do it! They want to see something personal, something that concerns you and your close people. So, it would be nice if you tell about your dad or, probably, your cousin.

These three tips are very easy to remember, but sometimes they may really help you! So, next time you will have to write an essay about someone who has had great influence on you, recall them! I hope, they will help you improve your results!

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