How to Write an Assignment

Know How To Write A Assignment

An assignment is basically a test of what you learnt till date. A teacher or trainer seeks to assess everything that you have understood that was taught. Its design is a method of getting into your critical mind. How you are capable of criticizing as well as finding solutions for problematic issues. Your skills of communicating your opinions and analysis will be judged, so every sentence you write need to be precise. But anything and everything cannot be mentioned in an assignment. You have to be focused and consistent while using logic to express your in-depth research findings clearly. Seems too tough to handle? Read on to know a simple way of doing it.

Question-Answer Theory

If you are in doubt with writing an assignment then we have an easy way out. Brainstorm the questions the answers of which your reader would seek in your assignment paper. Once you have your question list ready, start answering the questions. Your answers will form your assignment. All you need is slight organizing. Do add detail to whichever point you feel necessary. We have listed below 8 questions to make your assignment writing task a tad bit easier:

  1. The topic/issue that has been taken up, is it well acknowledged? Is it mentioned with clarity and impartiality? Has justice been done to the issue’s complex matter?
  2. Has valid information, experiences and facts about the issue been stated appropriately?
  3. Has all the major notions of the issue clarified by the writer through his writing?
  4. Has the writer handled all the matters that have been assumed by him/her sensitively?
  5. Has the writer been capable of developing a clear-cut reasoning that leads to the concluding statements that have been stated by him/her?
  6. Are all the reasons provided in the assignment properly supported?
  7. Does the author hold a strict or sensitive point of view towards the alternative points that have come up? What is the author’s take? Does he take a stand and react to present key information on the objections?
  8. Is the writer sensitive regarding all the allegations that are thrown at the opinions or stand he/she has taken?

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