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If admissions committee had to choose only one applicant, why should it be you?

There are certain reasons why I think that my candidature rather than some else’s is more suitable for a medical school. First of all, my grandfather was a physician and my parents are also physicians, so unlike majority of applicants I have extensive background knowledge in the field of medicine and I am determined to study medicine and becoming a health care professional. Secondly, it will be easier for me to study, because I will have people that will, if necessary, help me by explaining certain intricacies of diagnosing and curing certain diseases.

Since early childhood I was dreaming of becoming a doctor and throughout all my studying I had a goal that I needed to achieve. I studied well in high school, I talked with my grandfather about becoming a physician and I asked my parents about different medical procedures, illnesses, methods of curing them, etc. Besides that, I trained myself to stay comb and focused in critical situations and possess the ability to make tough decisions if necessary. Of course, there are other applicants that deserve being accepted to medical school, but I am, by far, one of the best ones and my grades can prove that.

Thesis Writing Service Provides Information On Admission Essay Writing On Why Committee Should Choose You

Thesis Writing Service thinks that the above fragment of medical school admission essay shows how you shouldn’t write an admission essay. For it to be successful, you shouldn’t brag about yourself and your qualities. Of course, you need to convey a message that you are the best candidate for a spot in medical school, but you must stay humble. Try to be persuasive and make every word count as you will have only one chance and only about 500 words to persuade admission committee that you are the best.

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