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Ivy League admissions: get prepared!

Planning to enter Ivy League? Well, good luck! That may sound a bit sarcastic, huh? I think, you know that Ivy League includes the most prestigious universities of the USA and even of the entire world! Every year thousands of applicants are trying to enter one of these eight universities. But only some of them are lucky enough to get what they want. And that’s because the admissions process is extremely difficult. Get ready to submit your high school results and a personal statement. After that if you are lucky enough they’ll invite you to the interview. They are looking for determined people who are ready to face all the challenges of the modern world. The admission interview will show all your strengths and weaknesses. Well, here is the list of the possible questions. Try to read it and get prepared!

They usually seek students who have already got certain experience in the chosen field. That’s why be ready to discuss your professional experience. Ideal candidates usually have some working experience in the chosen area. The next thing they will definitely discuss with you is your knowledge of the field. Be prepared to discuss different aspects of your area of studies and all the current issues of it. Your personality will probably be the next point they’ll discuss with you. They expect that you can communicate clearly, even about some complex issues, that you can overcome stress and interact with absolutely different people. Show them that you are strongly committed to your studies and future work! I understand that your studies at Ivy will lead you to a successful career and big money, but this is something you should never tell the admissions officers. When they ask you about your motivation, you should describe how you will be able to contribute into the chosen field and to bring all you ideas to life. Besides, you should show them that you are a versatile personality and that your interests are not limited by studies.

Apart from all those questions they will surely ask you about your childhood, family, college life, hobbies and sports. Your career goals are also quite important for the admission personnel. That will show if you are suitable for the Ivy schools, and how the studies will be useful for you. Be prepared for a wide range of questions, from casual inquiries about your family to probing questions about ethical/legal issues. Also be prepared for general questions about current events and items of interest in popular culture.

To pass the interview successfully, keep your answers short and informative at the same time. The next tip – avoid being self-centered. Don’t tell them about your weaknesses. Remember that studying at Ivy is a true challenge and a weak person won’t overcome it!

So, as you can see the admissions process will be only the beginning of your difficult studies at one of the Ivy Universities. But at the end you will get a desired reward – a degree from the best world’s universities. After all, without working hard you won’t get anything! So, good luck!

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