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Know the basic principles and write a successful dissertation!

Even when starting such a serious work like dissertation writing it is necessary to know basic principles. I’m sure you are now clever enough to write a brilliant work but there are some rules not to be forgotten. So here they are and I hope they will make the dissertation writing process not that tough!

To begin with, choose the right topic. You shouldn’t choose something that sounds mysterious and challenging. A better point is to take the topic you know pretty well.

The second point is to make a clear plan. Otherwise, all the minor things will distract you very much! And finally one day you will have to present your findings on a topic you never even thought about.

Collect all the data carefully! You will have to present dozens of points and to be sure that you are aware of them, collect data, analyze it and make conclusions. All this information you will use in the dissertation.

When you start the writing process, think about the details carefully. Here I mean the details about formatting, title page, introduction and all that stuff. Yes, all that seems to be insignificant, but for some reason all the committees pay lots of attention to such details!

Once you have written a part of your dissertation you can submit the draft to the appropriate body at your university. They will tell you about all the drawbacks and advise what else should be included.

And finally, work on your conclusions. Make sure that your work is structured clearly. See if the beginning and ending are interconnected. If they are not, you will probably get a poor mark!

So, good luck with your work! Treat it carefully but at the same time remember that thousands of people have already done it! Believe in yourself, you can make anything!

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