Learn How to Write an Assignment Introduction

Writing assignments are hard work and students are often frustrated right from the start as they do not know how to write an assignment introduction. The introduction is a very important part of any writing assignment because it serves to let the reader know what your thesis or argument is going to be in the main body of the paper. It is a skill that you develop through practice – lots and lots of practice. Writing an assignment introduction means that you have worked out the plan of the argument you intend to prove with the data you gather in your research to arrive at a conclusion.

Start Your Assignment with an Assignment Outline

Even though various colleges and universities have specific guidelines that students should follow when writing their assignments, there is a standard method of how to write an assignment introduction. The introduction is the beginning of the assignment. It is here that you present the topic or the question that you plan to discuss. There is no specific length when you wonder how to write an introduction for assignments at university, but a good rule of thumb to keep in mind is that in an assignment of about 10 pages, your introduction should be about one page long.

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Although you may know exactly what you plan to write about the existing literature and the research you carry out, how to write an assignment introduction may still elude you. Getting started is hardest because you can’t find the right words to begin the paper. You may write several different introductions before you finally find one that meets with your approval.

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