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Learn How to Write Critical Reviews and Develop Critical Thinking!

Before you get down to work, you should ask yourself: “What am I going to write?” This is a good question! A critical review is an analysis, a review of a certain article. To write it properly you will not only have to read something, but to analyze it from all the possible points of view.

Choose the article you will write about. Here is a simple advice for you: the article should be contradicting. This will give you huge prospective for writing. You will be able to present all the existing points of view with all the possible arguments.

Read the article carefully! Sometimes it will even be wise to make notes about it. They will help you keep in mind all the arguments given by an author. I advice that you create a kind of list of points you will criticize in the review. It will make your piece of writing structured and logical.

Present your readers a certain criteria you will use to evaluate all the discussed issues. Without it they may find your findings and conclusions illogical and dull.

And the last point – mind your grammar, language and style! A carefully written review will be easier to read and understand. This kind of assignment is very useful. It will teach you how to think critically and this experience is of vital importance in the life!

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