Main Components of Your Response Paper

What is a Response Paper?

If you have got an assignment to write response paper, please be sure that you know what it is. As a rule, a response paper s a kind of a book review that presents the overall view of an event, article, idea, concept, book etc. You are to express your thoughts and impression of it. In case of a response paper on the basis of a book you are free to describe its following aspects: analysis of the plot, characters, setting, imagery, stylistic devices, structure, symbols etc. To present them more vividly you may take notes simultaneously with the reading process.

Starting to Write Response Paper

After you have finished to read a book and have taken the necessary notes, start composing the response paper. Its indispensable components are:

  1. Introduction – points out the main theme(s), directions of your thoughts:
  2. Main Body – provides evidences and facts for supporting the idea of introduction, compare or contrast the two books, characters or authors.
  3. Conclusion – contains the clear statement of your general impression and evaluation of the described aspect.

Presenting Your Own Evaluation

In order to clearly state your own appraisal, be sure to testify your point of view and provide proper evidences. Do not just say: “I liked this character…”. State the reason for this. However, if you do not want to “kill” yourself and write response paper, you may easily leave this task to our custom thesis writing service. We are ready to grant you an excellently written response paper!

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