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Methodology Writing Tips from Great Thesis Writing Service

How do you think, which part of a thesis is the most important one? Some people may say that is the introduction because it has to attract the readers’ attention. Others may say that the conclusion part is the most important one, as it shows how successful your entire research was. But to my mind it is impossible to detect the most and least important parts of a dissertation. Each of them is vital, actually.

And I’d like to speak about the methodology chapter. A thesis is not a thesis without it! The methodology chapter will explain how you’ve conducted your research. It is usually written after t6he literature review chapter. First of all you will have to describe your data searching procedure. You cannot conduct a research without any data and your readers have to know what data you used for thesis writing. And they will wonder, where did s/he get this information? Don’t leave your readers at a loss, tell it to them! The most widespread ways to get data are reading, interviewing, surveying and making experiments. You can describe these approaches in your methodology chapter.

When you’ve explained how you’ve got the data you should tell how you tested it. I mean, how you know that the data you’ve got is reliable? Your readers will be able to check if your final results are correct and that the entire thesis writing was not just waste of time. In other words, show with the help of what methods you tested your hypothesis and the data you’ve gathered.

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