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Is using our thesis writing service constituted as cheating?

Perhaps, you have never used our service, so you are wondering whether you should use such a service. You are unsure if the service is legal and not a fraud. Here are common questions you might have:

  • What makes me think our service is not cheating?
  • Is the service legal?
  • Will I break US laws if using the service?

Let us assure you that our essay writing service is not cheating and it is quite legal.

Why our service is not cheating

We offer the essay writing service that is 100% legal, because using the service is like using an external source of information, such as e-books, journals, newspapers, online articles, e-libraries etc. Everyone can use external sources of information for writing essays, so you get nothing to worry about if you use our essay writing service correctly. The service does not make you a cheater and is very legitimate.

The greatest benefit you gain from using our service is that we cater to your own topic and give you a powerful learning source of information which fits your specific needs and requirements.

How you can legitimately use our service

How to use our service correctly? Well, the only requirement is to be honest. Let’s imagine you are working on writing a 100% original essay using some external sources (journals, e-books, articles, online publications etc.). You are absolutely sure of the authenticity of your work, because you do not try to cheat yourself or be dishonest. We endorse and implement the same idea providing you with a guideline that helps you with creating your own unique works. We intend to help you be more unique while keeping to the principles of authenticity and honesty.

Some students may use our service dishonestly. We admit this situation because we do understand that those students might work with other essay writing companies that allowed the students to simply pass off the work as their own. A minority of students confuse us as they believe we offer the same kind of essay writing services.

But we provide students with a guideline for writing their own research works and essays that are 100% original and plagiarism free. We help be unique and original.

We believe that a student who uses our service honestly and properly will gain more benefits and have a great deal in contrast to students who dishonestly pass off our work as their own. Those dishonest students are the real essay cheaters!

We do our best to use honest tools that help you create unique and plagiarism free works. We teach you to write by providing you an essay writing guideline. The teaching process assumes asking questions, so please do not be confused when you have a question or face an issue – you are allowed to ask us questions. Your questions will help us be sure of our competence and that you use our service properly.

You can be sure of confidentiality

When deciding on using our essay writing service, many students trouble about confidentiality, which actually means they question whether their universities will know if they have used the service. Perhaps, you also have the same question.

As our company complies with U.S. Data Protection and Privacy legislation, we cannot tell anybody about the service you have used. We are committed to our customers, protect their privacy, and keep the right side of the law. In case you have used our service properly (as described above) you have absolutely nothing to trouble about!

Ready to place an order!

You are ready to place your custom order? Then what are you waiting for? We provide the safe, plagiarism free, honest, legal and not cheating service.

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