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PhD Personal Statement Sample

Success is a term that is believed to inspire a lot of businessmen to expand. Whether it’s their businesses or their networks, nothing is more appealing to me than expanding one’s mindset and skills in the realm of business as this is the only way to always beat rigid competition. To keep abreast in the challenges of market is a rather difficult task, but when a person is determined to unravel the entire goldmine in his path, he is indeed closer to success. For me, education is a very important tool in order to accomplish these.

I was raised in a family who believe in the value of education. With this, I grew up to have high regards with the same values that is why I challenged myself, despite shortcomings, to finish college and be able to become a professional, which I did. In a few years since I graduated college, I have been exposed to various professional dealings that dramatically contributed to my maturity. This also helped me mould my aspirations and dreams for my personal, educational, and professional life.

Pursuing a PhD is a pathway to success for me.  I need to further strengthen my educational background in order to achieve progression in my career. It is a component for me to understand all that I need to become a great leader in the business sphere, where being global has become a norm. When I took an MBA (International Business), I was exposed to international business standards, especially upon completing an assignment for international operations management on the topic of setting up an international campus for University of West London in Singapore. I also completed a final capstone project for MBA in cosmetics and toiletries industry in the UK, which entailed extensive research in the said industry. I was honored and at the same time enthusiastic about the said exposure, because each one magnified my intense passion in business, not to mention learning a great deal of business techniques and theories.

Understanding UK’s culture was not at all difficult. I chose a UK university for my academic pursuits (PhD) because having two years work experience as a placement officer at UK’s National Health Service proved how success-driven UK institutions are. I have learned and appreciated its people and have seen their respect towards other culture. I look forward to collaborate with various cultures because I see it a necessity to understand diversity, leading to being a more competitive leader. This is a vital component for management because most of the mainly successful undertakings ever created were headquartered all across the world. As such, it is imperative that one must understand other cultures splendidly to be able to cope up and be effective in communicating organizational goals amid variations. As I value education to being part of the roadmap to success, educational institutions here visualise mastering the art of strategic curriculum for the academia – making me more excited and enthusiastic to complete a PhD program here.

Being an active, socially-inclined, and energetic individual, as seen in my active participation in sports like first class cricket, I am willing to participate in the in and out-of-the class activities that will help me develop academically and socially. My ultimate goal is to work as a leader, through management positions in an international business enterprise. I realized that I am blessed to have the confidence to deal with various individuals even oversees. This led to the success of my post as an international business coordinator for A to Z Metals Scrap in Pakistan, since 2013. I believe that this confidence can be boosted by your program. And I believe further that your vision and mission with this program exactly matches my values and aspirations very well. I hope to be aided with your mentors towards the realization of my dreams, and I can only promise nothing but excellence in my chosen field.

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