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Principles of autobiography writing

I was born and raised in a little American village. I am not the only child in the family and have two older sisters. I didn’t like going to school, because it was far away from our house and the only way of going there was by foot. My school years were tough as I struggled with majority of subjects. However, I always loved extracurricular activities like drawing, crafts, sports, etc. My parents didn’t have a clue as of what I will be doing after high school and were talking about letting me decide for myself.

After graduation, I decided that I don’t need college education and went looking for work. After some time I became a waiter at a local restaurant and only then I realized importance of college education. I didn’t make much money at a restaurant and due to the fact that I moved out from my parents’ house to a rented apartment, I had to spend almost all of my money on paying rent and on groceries. It couldn’t last long, so I decided that I need more money and that could happen only if I would get a better job which, in turn, depended on my education. So, I started thinking about getting into college and realized that there is a lot of studying that needs to be done prior to me getting accepted…

Thesis Writing Service Advice On Autobiography Writing

The above fragment is only one example of autobiography writing and not a very good one. Thesis Writing Service would like you to know that there are certain principles to autobiography writing and if you want to do well on it, then you should make sure that your autobiography provides a solid background on your personality, your interests, goals you want to achieve in college, etc. Also, in your autobiography you should provide as much significant information about yourself as possible like your main positive traits, your grades, major interests and hobbies and make sure that you sound sincere, but with a slight degree of irony.

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