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Research Tips for Thesis Writing

If you a writing a thesis, or a dissertation, you will have to take several steps. You know, making an outline, forming your thesis statement, mastering dozens of books. But writing a thesis is more than just writing itself. It is a way to learn. And you will acquire new skills and knowledge when you’ll be conducting your research. This is a kind of practical part of your thesis.

No matter what is the topic of your thesis, there are several rules you should remember when conducting a research. First of all, you have to get as close as possible to the original material. I mean, to the works you will be quoting when writing thesis. The next point, remember that all the information is biased. That’s why make sure you evaluate all the sources adequately and get only the unbiased information for your thesis writing. And the last point, you should cite everything. Make a list of the works you use. Plagiarism will bring you a lot of trouble!

You may be wondering, and where should you start? If you haven’t received any instructions from your professor, you should think of the following options:

You may start your research in your university’s library. Yes, that may seem a bit old-fashioned, but you can find a lot of useful information for your thesis writing there, and not only the books. Here you can get into the archives or find some microfilms that will give you an opportunity to make a great research for your thesis writing.

The other variant is more appealing to you, I think. That’s the Internet. Here you can make a quick google search that will provide you with lots of relevant and not so relevant articles. This great source of information is your assistant in research conducting!

Experts from colleges or, probably, museums can help you with your research for thesis writing. Address to them and learn something from these experienced people!

So, these are the tips I wanted to share with you. They are not complicated, but they can be really help for your thesis writing.

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