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In writing any successful paper, the technicalities are not the main source of a high grade but rather, the content. Some instructors require an annotated bibliography to make sure that you are doing your tasks—a part of your paper that can make a difference. Managing your references is a very tedious task and requires time and effort because taking it for granted may result to plagiarism reports and worst, a low grade. You don’t need to worry though because we can do the work for you. You don’t need to worry about quality because Thesis Writing Service has writers who are highly skilled and work in a professional specially hired to make custom annotated bibliographies manner.

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  • Hard copies of all references (in either pdf format or source links) can be provided upon request


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Annotated Bibliography Samples

Washingtonpost.Newsweek Interactive, LLC. (2001). Measuring Globalization. Foreign Policy, 122, 56-65. Retrieved from http://www.jstor.org/stable/3183226.

The article published by Washington Post talks about globalization and how it can be measured. According to the authors, globalization had been talked about in a great variety of research—from economics to sociology to political science and even in the humanities. However, no one has tried to measure the extent of globalization and this study would be the first. The article introduces a Globalization Index which uses complex forces such as integration of ideas and economics in order to measure which countries have become the most global. According to this article, the Globalization Index is a unique and powerful tool for understanding complex forces that determine globalization. In the study, they found out that Singapore is the most global country followed by European nations mostly.

Victor, D. & Skolnikoff, E. (1999). Translating Intent into Action: Implementing Environmental Commitments. Environment, 41 (2), 16-20, 39-44.

The study found out that international agreements are not quite successful at both international and national levels because the process of implementing policies is given little attention. Studies done by the EIC shows that nearly all governments comply with international agreements and fulfill their obligations.  However, there are still problems in implementation since systematic monitoring and assessment are relatively rare. In countries bound by international agreements, they put into practice the commitments at the national level. However, studies done by the EIC shows that there is no standard in implementing the commitments. Also, implementation varies among sectors. “In many cases, bold commitments and policies have actually led to little change in the behavior that causes environmental degradation. Also, the effectiveness of environmental commitments in different countries is mixed which is one reason why proper implementation fails” (Victor & Skolnikoff, 1999: 20, 39).

Malayang, B. (2002). The State of Our Global Environmental Security. Social Science Information, 31 (1), 5-25.

The study tries to measure the environmental security of today which is lowered by different human activities which resulted to ecological stress, environmental degradation, and altered ecosystems. The study used secondary data in order to assess the condition of our global environment. The author identified three areas of concern when talking about the condition of the environment. These are the state of natural resources, quality of air, water, and human habitat, and governance.

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