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The book which had the greatest impact on your life

It might sound weird to some individuals, but despite the fact that computers substituted for many things in our lives, majority of people still read books. Nothing can compare with a thrill that one experiences in a book store when he or she reads an abstract of some novel or a poetry book and buys it for he or she thinks that it will bring some joy in his or her life, will teach him or her something or will make him or her think and analyze some issues or problems that might lead to a better understanding of them.

It is a well known fact that books influence our lives in good or bad ways and almost every individual can tell that there is one or a few books that had the greatest impact on his or her life. Books can convey certain messages to individuals, they can explain certain issues more thoroughly and precisely or they can encourage people to do certain things, etc. It is not different with me, because just like majority of citizens of our country I went to a school and was studying literature. I read books and they definitely had certain impact on me and changed me in certain ways. However, there is one book that influenced me the most…


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Thesis Writing Service thinks that the above fragment is a good introduction to your admission essay on “A Book That Had The Greatest Impact On Your Life.” After such introduction you can say what book had the greatest impact on your life and explain why it did. Also, you can try discussing what your life would be like if you haven’t read that book, etc. Then you can summarize the facts and your essay will be finished. But please keep in mind grammar, language flow and catchy phrases.

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