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The catcher in the rye thesis must emphasize on the aspect of the book and its impact on the reader. It should answer the question why it caught the imagination not only of the youth but also of the whole literally world.

The catcher in the rye thesis should represent all following aspects of the book.


On the first sight it seems that there is no plot as such in the novel, because everything seems to be happening around one person during December 1949; but one can still notice the evolving plot, which is the series of events in the life of a young fellow.

Genre and style

It is very much unlike most novels, it is not very long, but allows to write a very argumentative thesis essay. It touches upon many aspects of life. It’s very subjective and controversial because of his emotional battles, the protagonist’s views on life and death, wine, women, wealth and sex. The language is full of energy, as it is the language of the youth.


The influence that J.D.Salinger’s “the Catcher in the Rye” has had on other writers is quite fascinating! Many an author is believed to have taken a cue from Salinger to create fictional plots for stories out of day-to-day events.


Don’t forget to give your own interpretation of the book and its impact on the reader.


The Catcher in the rye thesis cannot be complete if it does not have at least a passing mention of the reaction the book evoked from the society and the resultant controversy. provides different kinds of writing services. Our team of professional writers is able to write on any topic and to give grounded interpretation of any literary work even of such complicated one as “the Catcher in the Rye”.

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