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Thesis Writing Sample on: Are Video Games Destroying Nation?

Who these days haven’t played or at least heard about video games? As long as ten years ago video games were quite expensive, so not many kids could get their parents to by them video games, but nowadays situation drastically changed and majority of children own some sort of gaming console and video games are becoming the favorite pastime for most kids. Are these video games destroying nation? It is a very important question and there is no definite answer to it; however, majority of people agree that video games do have strong influence on children and their behavior.

What kinds of video games are out there? – Action, racing, arcades, RPGs, shooters and simulators. While some kids prefer simulators and racing, majority likes action and shooters, so kids get to see blood, killing and horror since early days. How do you think, will this influence their mental development? – Of course, it will, and not in the good way. So, where are parents looking? Some of them believe that kids don’t play violent video games, while some parents are OK with it and don’t see anything wrong in their kids playing such horrible games. So, if video games are destroying nation, why do kids still play them? In many cases it is due to the fact that parents don’t care much about kinds or don’t have time to control them.

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