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Thesis Writing Sample on: Do You Believe There's a Generation Gap?

Is there a generation gap? Well, it is a very interesting and extraordinary question to which majority of individuals would say “YES.” However, not everything is so simple and if there is gap in some things, there is no gap in others. Of course, first thing that everyone thinks when talking about generation gap is that older generation does not know anything about computers and mobile phones and that majority of older folks don’t know how to use these things. Nevertheless, older people are good at other things and their wisdom and experience often fills in the generation gap.

Not many people these days ask themselves “Why older generation does not use computers, cell phones, wireless Internet and many other technological advancements?” but people forget that these older folks invented many of the things we use these days and in majority of cases, they just don’t feel the need to use them or don’t have money to purchase these things. Is there a generation gap? I think there is, but it isn’t all that big, because, if necessary, older generation can get to know and can use technological advancements if they need to.

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