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Thesis Writing Sample on: Person Who Influenced You The Most.

Whether you like it or not, but at some point in time every individual takes his or her place in life. This choice is often influenced by other individuals. These people, due to their influence, can change the way other people think, act, and behave. In many cases it is our parents that influence us and make us the way we are. This happens due to the fact that majority of people respect their parents and want to be just like them, so these individuals try to copy their behavior and acquire their wisdom.

However, besides parents, grandparents and other relatives, there are also individuals that have strong influence on people like politicians, actors, musicians, writers, etc. Some people like music, so they get influenced by musicians, some individuals like certain actors and want to be just like them, so they copy their behavior and try to act just like them. There are billions of people on Earth and every one of them get influenced by someone and wants to become just like that person. Sometimes these wishes change when people get older, but in many instances there are people that influence other people the most and this is what we will talk about.

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