Thesis Writing Sample on: Your Mission On The Earth?

Many people think that they are in this world on purpose and that they have to accomplish a certain mission, but not many of them know what mission they are supposed to accomplish. Some individuals are meant to become doctors and save peoples’ lives, others are meant to become politicians and lead people to prosperity, yet other individuals are meant to become inventors and so they discover and invent new things.

What is your mission? Why were you born? What are you supposed to accomplish on Earth? Do you know answers to these questions? In majority of cases people have very little idea why they were born and what they need to accomplish on Earth, but all people were born on purpose and so they just need to find out why they did. This can happen in a variety of ways – through classes they take, through people they socialize with, through information that they get from mass media, through parents’ teaching, etc. If you don’t know your mission on Earth, you should think about at, maybe you were meant to become the world’s best musician or actor, or scientist…

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