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Thesis Writing Sample on: Your Contribution In Any Field Of Your Life?

People often think about contributions that they made in one or many different fields of life for it makes them proud of themselves and makes them think that they have accomplished something. Some people invent things, others teach children, some others cure people from various diseases, etc. So, what is your contribution in one of the fields of life? Did you accomplish something already, or do you still need time to learn and then get to contributing?

Once in a while it is useful to take a little break and give some thought whether you have accomplished something in your life or not. Did you buy a house? Did you manage to get a nice job? Did you get a great family? What makes you proud? Think about these questions for a while and you will know if you are worth something or not. Maybe you want to achieve more in life, so think about the ways of accomplishing it. Whatever you are thinking, don’t ever stop and even if you have achieved something, try to contribute more for it will make you and people around you happier…

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