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Thesis Writing Sample on: Youth Drug Addiction Problem

Is there a youth drug addiction problem? Certainly, there is such problem, but what is the reason for it. If it was 10-20 years ago one might say that there is not enough information about the harmful influence of drugs, but these days, anyone can find extensive information about drugs and their influence on the human body in books and from Internet. So, what is the reason for young people to do drugs?

In many cases, young individuals are very curious about drugs and want to try them to see what its like. At the same time, many young people get lured into trying drugs by their friends who say that drugs are OK and that they are not addictive. Other individuals don’t have strong will power and give in to the influence of other people who think that drugs are cool. Whatever the case might be, it is very easy to get addicted to drugs and if this will happen, person will lose everything – job, position in a society, money, family and friends, and will end up dying at the age of 30 or even younger. It is a personal choice of every individual whether to try drugs or not, and it would be wise to find out about drugs as much as possible prior to using them, because there is no turning back and if you will try them once, there is a very big chance that you will not quit them…

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