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Thesis Writing Service Advice on Emphasizing

While thesis writing, it is necessary to pay attention to some concrete points. You need to be sure that the most important ones are more emphasized than the less important once. Try to argue in such a way that readers understand idea’s significance.

You can emphasize statements visually by using graphs, tables, charts, etc. For many readers it is easier to extract information from visual materials. But the more graphs you include, the less will be the impact of each. You can also make emphasizing by spacing usage. Try to use separated from thesis text headings, break up your paragraphs into bullet points. Keep in mind it is better to put the main idea at the start and at the end of paragraph. Our Thesis Writing Service experts advise to vary the length of sentences and paragraphs, shorter sentences do stand out.

You can also use language emphasizing. If you want to emphasize some part of a sentence in spoken English, use stressing on important word. In writing English it is more difficult, but not impossible. Put the phrase you need into a kind of relative clause except the words we want to emphasize. It is called cleft sentence. You can use the following structures:

  • What … was …
  • It was … who/that …
  • The reason why … is that …
  • The only … is/was …

Thesis Writing Service professionals suggest you to emphasize statements by starting your sentence with one including “only” or a negative expression:

  • Rarely
  • Never
  • Seldom
  • In no way
  • At no time

You may use parallel structures in a sentence or to use balancing:

  • Just as … so …
  • Not only … but…

We hope this advice will bring you to success. But if you are unsure about your abilities to make a right emphasizing, Thesis Writing Service will be glad to provide you with our assistance!

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