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Thesis Writing Service Compares Thesis and Dissertation Writing

Many students interchangeably use words thesis and dissertation with regards to the paper they have to complete in order to win their graduate degree; however, there is much difference between the two despite the fact that both these terms refer to academic writings prepared by students in order to demonstrate their knowledge on a chosen topic and earn a desirable degree. Thesis Writing Service knows everything about thesis and dissertation writing and decided to clarify these terms for you.

Thesis Writing Service Describes The Difference Between Thesis And Dissertation

First difference between a thesis and a dissertation that a Thesis Writing Service would like to point out to you is that in British universities paper which is being written for a Master’s degree is considered to be a dissertation while the paper being written for a PhD degree is known as a thesis. In US universities it is different and thesis is a paper necessary to complete a Master’s degree while dissertation is a requirement for a PhD degree in a certain area of knowledge. Besides that, thesis writing takes place during the last few years of student’s academic career and is basically an original research conducted by that student. Dissertation is a paper which is being researched and written during 5-6 years and is meant to present your high level of education as well as demonstrate some novel findings you have discovered in the process.

Thesis Writing Service Provides More Information On Difference Between Thesis And Dissertation

As you can see, in dissertation you need to perform some original research while thesis is generally based on secondary information which is already available to you. Also, thesis tends to be shorter than a dissertation. Thesis helps students to get scholarships for higher level of studies while it is not the same with dissertation writing. In thesis, your research will aid you to prove your standpoint while with dissertation writing you are expected to add some novel findings to the existing literature.


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