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Thesis Writing Service Defines the Features of Annotated Bibliography

If it is the first time you are writing a thesis or some other academic paper, you might not know what an annotated bibliography is; however, it is one of the inevitable parts of your paper what you must include in your thesis. Thesis Writing Service offers some tips and information on annotated bibliography so you will know what to do with it.

Thesis Writing Service Information On Annotated Bibliography

In basic terms, annotated bibliography provides information on the research that has been done on a particular topic. Moreover, it is an alphabetical order of literature research resources which provides a brief summary of each resource together with assessment of its relevance. If you want to succeed on your thesis paper then you should choose relevant and trustworthy literature resources, so you should define the scope of the research you are going to conduct and determine what information should be included and what should be kept out of it. Thesis Writing Service reminds that every research has boundaries and offers questions that will help you to determine them: What kind of problem/issue am I investigating? What question am I trying to answer? What kind of material should I look for?

Tips From Thesis Writing Service On Annotated Bibliography

An annotation should briefly restate the main argument of a literature resource and should be remembered that identifying the argument is different than describing or listing its contents. In order to do that you should look for repetition of main terms and/or ideas and try to follow them through the text. Another thing you should do is notice how the source is organized and laid out as well as its main sections and their emphasis. In your annotated bibliography you must briefly assess the value of the literature resource by identifying how you intend to use it and why.


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