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Thesis Writing Service Explains the Difference between Mentor and Advisor

Thesis Writing Service Suggestions on Successful Graduation

Faculty plays an important role in ones graduate education. While professors’ role in the classroom is obvious, his or her extracurricular activities like research, grant-writing, publishing, etc., also has certain influence on your education. Therefore Thesis Writing Service calls your attention to the fact that your close cooperation with faculty is essential to successfully completing a graduate program.

Thesis Writing Service Defines Advisor’s Charges

There are faculty members that are of particular interest to graduate students – mentors and advisors and while many scholars use these terms interchangeable, there is difference between them. Thesis Writing Service specialists emphasize that an advisor is assigned to you by the graduate program supervisor and is meant to help you select classes as well as point you in the right direction with your thesis or dissertation research and writing and can eventually become your mentor.

Thesis Writing Service Defines Mentor’s Charges

At the same time, mentor facilitates your educational growth and development and becomes a trusted ally which guides you through the graduate and postdoctoral years and often takes the form of an apprenticeship. The mentor usually aids the student with scientific instructions and socializes him or her to the norms of the scientific community, thus relationships with mentors tend to be deeper and more personal. As a matter of fact, most graduate students maintain close contact with their mentors even after graduating for school and they serve as source of information and support for new graduates.

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